Once you have been awarded the Fire Stopping Inspection Diploma you will be able to apply to become a Certificated Fire Stopping Inspector.

As a Certificated Inspector you will be able to carry out on-site inspections of installed fire stopping, linear gap seals and cavity barriers in existing or new buildings. This is an essential part of any fire risk assessment required by law to be done by a building’s Responsible Person. Once you have qualified as a Certificated Fire Stopping Inspector you will be able to benefit from:

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Diploma in Fire Stopping Inspection

In order to become certificated, you first have to successfully complete the Diploma in Fire Stopping Inspection. You will need to demonstrate in a practical, working environment, both the knowledge you used to obtain your Diploma and the expertise you use on site with fire stopping, linear gap seals and cavity barriers.

This will be achieved by an onsite assessment from one of Independent Fire Inspections NVQ Assessors to ensure you are competent in the practical inspection of fire stopping on construction sites or new and existing buildings.

  • Record your findings (particularly where inconsistencies are detected, and recommendations for rectification are required)
  • Issue the necessary reports in accordance with the requirements of the Scheme.

Certificated inspectors are liable to be re-assessed every three years so that clients can be sure their knowledge and skills are always up-to-date.

All Certificated Inspectors must comply with the Fire Protection Inspection Scheme Code Of Conduct

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