Fire Rated Glazing And Screens Module

//Fire Rated Glazing And Screens Module
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Fire Rated Glazing And Screens Module

Aim: to enable delegates to familiarise themselves with the more popular products and systems used in fire rated glazed systems and be aware of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ for installing such products, providing an overall understanding of why it is important that they are installed to specification.

Delivery: The sessions will be delivered using mainly PowerPoint presentations and group discussion. Photographs and samples are used to emphasize certain aspects of the course.

Award: Each candidate will receive a certificate if a successful understanding has been gained.


Course details

The following session, known as a ‘Product Module’ relates to a specific product to be used for fire protection. The presentation looks generically at the types of protection and the method of installation for the protection system. This product module looks specifically at ‘Fire Rated Glass and Glazed Screens’.

The glass and glazing module provides an introduction to the fire rated glass systems used throughout modern buildings and their installation requirements. The module also looks at how the correct installation of the glass systems is important to prevent fire spread through a building.

The first part of the fire rated glass and glazed screen module provides an introduction as to why glass systems are required and their relationship to the building regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. We also look at product and installer certification schemes with respect to fire rated glass systems. This section is followed by details of how the fire rated glazed screen are tested.

The following sections examine the conditions for handling and storage of the glass on site, and the supporting construction into which the fire system is to be mounted. We then look in detail at the various frame types and installation of the frame – including the important gap between the frame and the wall. The various types of glass (insulating, partially and non-insulating) and specific installation requirements are examined – including expansion allowance, edge cover, beading, etc. Glazing of timber and steel doorsets is looked at in detail followed briefly by the doorset association with overpanels and sidepanels.

The final part deals with the important aspect of maintaining glass and glazed screens.


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