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Independent Fire Inspections Ltd has launched The Fire Stopping Course which is available online.

The Fire Stopping Course is available to anyone who wishes to have a greater knowledge of fire stopping, linear gap seals and cavity barriers.

The Fire Stopping Course is an online course which provides a comprehensive level of knowledge in fire stopping specification, installation with an overview of the Regulations Inspection and Maintenance.

This course is recommended for installers, supervisors, managers, directors and responsible persons who require an understanding of fire stopping, linear gap seals and cavity barriers, the different products which can be purchased and typically how they should be installed in order to provide the required fire resistance. 

This course outlines the primary Regulations and the Approved Document B in relation to fire stopping and cavity barriers.
This course identifies the different penetration sealing systems, linear gap seals and cavity barriers onsite and how they should be installed including typical specifications. This course covers maintenance, inspections and quality control.