Structural Steel HP/A or A/V Module

//Structural Steel HP/A or A/V Module
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Structural Steel HP/A or A/V Module

Aim: to enable delegates to familiarise themselves with the other aspects of protection to structural steel systems besides the application of board, paint or spray – specifically the determination of how the thickness is calculated for the various types and sizes of steel sections available.

Delivery: The sessions will be delivered using mainly PowerPoint presentations and group discussion. Photographs and samples are used to emphasize certain aspects of the course.

Award: Each candidate will receive a certificate if a successful understanding has been gained.


Course details

The ‘Structural Steel and Hp/A’ module provides an introduction to structural steel elements for example columns and beams, and how the amount of protection is determined to achieve the required fire protection.

The scheme is ideally aimed at those people with some knowledge of structural steel protection systems. The module is presented at advanced level, for those undertaking either the board, paint or spray protection to structural steel training modules.

The module looks at some of the various structural steel elements and how the protection thickness is determined to slow down the heat attack in a fire situation. The first part of the module introduces the different types and arrangements of structural steel elements and how they are tested in the large-scale fire tests with respect to their loadbearing ability. The second part of the module relates the information obtained from the test with the section factor or Hp/A. The term Hp/A is then explained and its determination is then examined. The introductory level is kept at a simplistic level whereas the advanced level offers a greater understanding of section factor by undertaking calculations of Hp/A.

The final part discusses other aspects and designs of structures that may be encountered on site and talks about the amount of fire protection required on such elements. Under the advanced level a larger number of designs are discussed.

(N.B. The ‘Hp/A’ section factor term has now changed to ‘A/V’)nd fire damper systems.


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